Children with Autism Medicaid Waiver

This waiver is for children who have a medical diagnosis of autism. Young children with autism frequently need a wide range of services to assist with their behaviors, to develop speech and language skills, and to learn social and emotional skills to further integrate into classroom settings. Intensive behavioral services assist both the child and the family to learn skills and techniques to enhance the child’s development for later success in life.

To be eligible for services children in this program…

Your child must meet the Social Security Administration definition of having a disability

Your child must be 5 years or younger

Your child must have a diagnosis of Autism as certified by a physician

Your child’s income must be less than $2,199.00 per month and his or her countable resources must be less than $2,000. A parent’s income is not considered for the child’s eligibility

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Services & Supports

Behavioral therapy

Benefits are for three years or until the child’s 6th birthday

Costs up to $25,000 per year

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