Community Outreach Department

The Community Outreach Department was developed in July of 2012 and includes the Community Outreach and Family Support Programs. The department serves as a venue for support to individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and Delays (I/DD’s) and their families with unmet needs living in Douglas or Arapahoe Counties including the entire city of Aurora. County Mill Levy funds, state funds, grants, and donations are used to assure that any person waiting for services has the opportunity to connect with systems or supports to meet their specific needs. Individuals, families, professionals, and the community join together in this process designed to address health and safety concerns, respond to emergencies, or simply enhance the quality of life for qualifying individuals.

Individuals accessing the Community Outreach Program are connected with a supportive coordinator to help with navigation of resources and also have the opportunity to receive a weekly resource newsletter, attend trainings, connect with others receiving services and receive free or discounted services and programs. Community Outreach develops partnerships with many community agencies to provide trainings identified by people we serve on topics such as Sensory Processing Differences, Toilet Training at any age, Funding Sources, Guardianship, Build Your Own Support Group, and Stress Management. Trainings are also available for any professionals, such as teachers and childcare providers, who serve individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities. Hundreds of area partners also develop supports for kids of all ages that include in or out of home respite, adaptive devices, day and overnight camps, therapeutic recreation, music or horse therapies, and social skills groups. An Online Parent Community for families of children ages 3 to 6 provides easy access to information and connection with other families. The Community Outreach Department also hosts our own events and activities including a monthly Parents’ Night Out as well as fun, accessible holiday celebrations.

The Family Support Services Program is also administered by the Community Outreach Department. This long-running state-funded program provides individualized support to families who are caring for a family member up to 18 years of age with intellectual or developmental disabilities or delays (Individuals 18 and over qualify for Medicaid Waiver programs administered by DP’s Case Management Department). The emphasis on the needs of each family makes this a unique and incredibly relevant service. Family Support Funds can be used toward respite for the family, professional services such as home health or therapy services, medical or dental services, transportation, assistive technology, home modification, and parent and sibling support.


For questions or to enroll in the Community Outreach Program

Call the Community Line between Monday – Thursday

from 8am – 6pm at 303-858-2255

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Key Leadership

lichti portrait developmental pathways

Cindy Lichti

Vice President of Programs and Services

Cindy joined the DP team in August 1979 and has responsibility for leading the programmatic services and supports offered through Community Outreach and Early Intervention.  Having devoted her career to working in behalf of people with developmental disabilities and delays she has experience in running or overseeing every service/program within the agency.  She is skilled and highly trained in management and supervision, developmental disabilities and early childhood rules and regulations, complex Medicaid Waiver implementation and oversight, budget management and non-profit leadership.  Cindy proudly holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Social Work from Colorado State University and a Masters of Public Administration for the University of Colorado at Denver.

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Barb Komdat

Director of Community Outreach

Barb Komdat came to Developmental Pathways in 1993 as the first Supported Living Consultant in the then brand new Medicaid Waiver Supported Living Services Program. In 1999, she became the Associate Director for Comprehensive Services (now Continuum of Colorado) and a year later became the Director of that department. In June of 2012, Barb became the Director of Community Outreach, a new and exciting venture of a new administration at Developmental Pathways.

Barb has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado-Denver and a Masters in Vocational Rehabilitation from the University of Northern Colorado. Before coming to Pathways, she worked as a Specialist in Head Start in north Denver, as an Academic Aide in Special Education with Jefferson County, as a Counselor for students with disabilities at the Community College of Denver, and was a Rehab Case Manager for a large insurance carrier in Denver.

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Kent Dyson

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Kent Dyson has worked for Developmental Pathways since 1991. He began with Pathways as a Program Administrator in the Comprehensive Services Department. Kent has been promoted from that role to many others, including Associate Director and Director of Comprehensive Services, as well as Director of Early Intervention. Kent is currently the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Community Outreach Department. Prior to Pathways, Kent worked in the Adult Psychiatric Unit at Lakeview Hospital and the Utah State Training School as a Recreation Therapist. Mr. Dyson graduated from the University of Utah.

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