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At Developmental Pathways, the individuals we support are our #1 priority. Our Case Managers and Coordinators work hard to ensure a person centered approach is taken with everyone we serve. The following is just a glimpse of what our our supported-individuals and families had to say about the customer service they receive at Pathways.

dbatz developmental pathways

“The support I receive at Developmental Pathways has allowed me to continue pursuing my dreams to become a personal trainer. Don’t let your disabilities get in the way of your dreams. You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.”

– Dylan Batz

petitclerc developmental pathways

“I always get to do neat stuff [at Developmental Pathways] and the people are really really cool!”

– Ed Petitclerc

ponders developmental pathways

“We cannot thank Developmental Pathways enough for the opportunities that this funding has created for our family. Thank you for giving our family hope, and thank you for providing opportunities for our beautiful Sara to progress.”

– Nicole Ponder

henkelman developmental pathways

“My second daughter came into the world like my other children did, and she grew normally like they did until she turned eighteen months old. Suddenly, as she slipped into an unreachable world, my little girl was no longer someone I knew. Lost and desperate, I plodded along not wanting to say anything, not wanting it to be true, and completely unsure of how to help her. When we relocated from Atlanta to Denver, my daughter was six years old. The principal of the elementary school advised me to get her into Developmental Pathways as fast I possibly could. I called immediately. I had no idea what I was doing or why, but I listened!

If I could mark on a timeline the biggest landmark in my daughter’s past twelve years, it would be the day she was accepted as a client with Developmental Pathways. Initially, we were wait-listed for the CES Waiver, and Family Support Services embraced our family during that three year period of waiting. Christmas was brought to us – underneath our tree absolutely exploded with gifts. I had a free night every month or so to go to the library or catch a cup of coffee in peace while the Developmental Pathways staff cared for not just my disabled daughter, but all four of my children.

Developmental Pathways found ways to fund an assistive technological device, an Ipad, for my daughter. They found funding for her to attend an entire summer of camp at Consultants for Children. And then, Governor Hickenlooper signed all wait listers into active status, and we went live as CES waiver clients. My daughter has spent the last two years in the care of one of the top leading BCBAs in Denver. She receives six hours of in-home ABA therapy every single week and one hour of movement therapy. She has gone from gesturing and grunting, with meltdowns happening every day if not every hour, to speaking in sentences, carrying on conversations, conducting herself appropriately in public, and maintaining friendships at school.

It is impossible to write this summary without tears filling up my eyes as my heart cannot hold its gratitude. My daughter is who she is today because of Developmental Pathways. She is no longer locked inside, trapped, frustrated, suffering, alone. She is thriving. She is developing. She is becoming more independent every single day. She is advocating for herself and learning how to function in society. And she is absolutely the most beautiful person I have ever been privileged to know.

Thank you, Developmental Pathways. Thank you to each and every person who works seamlessly and tirelessly to make life better for so many people who would otherwise be forgotten. You are world-changers. Thank you for changing ours.”

– Karis Henkelman

ian developmental pathways

“DP is always there for me and my little one. Awesome experience, super friendly, and taking care of any question and need right away.
Love working with you guys and I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support!”

– Claudia and her son Ian


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Our 2017 "Shining Stars"

Each year, in collaboration with The SUN Foundation, we host a heart-warming awards banquet honoring the achievements of individuals with developmental disabilities/delays. The following videos showcase our incredible 2016 awardees.