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COVID-19 Information & Resources

Letter from our Executive Director and CEO, Matt VanAuken

To The People We Serve, Their Families, and our Trusted Community Partners:

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership during this unprecedented time. We certainly could not have anticipated the far-reaching impacts of a global pandemic like COVID-19, but as a leadership team, we are working hard to address every issue it presents for the people in our care, both with I/DD and our staff.

We have been in close communication with our staff to notify them of what symptoms look like, and recommended prevention tools, disinfection practices, & social distancing measures. In an effort to comply with the Governor’s appeal for social distancing, all offices will be closed to the public until further notice. If you need to contact us, please call the main line at 303-360-6600.

In this ever-changing situation, we will post updates for Developmental Pathways operations here as they arise. We’ve compiled a list of internal and external resources below.

We thank you for your understanding during this uncertain time. Please reach out to us if you need further information.

Be well!

Matt VanAuken Executive Director & CEO

COVID-19 Resources


  • Team fully remote
  • Service Coordination/Service Delivery via Telehealth when possible
  • No in-person meetings at this time
  • All meetings moved to Zoom/or phone

Contact Info

Michele Coates, Director


  • Team fully remote
  • Core work being done remotely / using phone or other technology solutions for all meetings with individuals, families, and teams
  • Meetings/Events moved to phone/zoom or postponed through June 2021

Contact Info

Amy Grogan, Director (CM)

Michelle Bauman, Director (PQ)


  • Team fully remote
  • In person events canceled through June 2021
  • HCV inspections suspended
  • Community partner meetings moved to Zoom or phone
  • Newsletter to have online resources and activities each week

Contact Info

Darcy Tibbles, Senior Director


  • Team fully remote
  • Check requests/invoices electronic
  • HCV inspections suspended
  • No in person family meetings

Contact Info

Jenny Skinner, Associate Director

Colorado COVID-19 Info Line: 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911

Public Health Information:

I/DD Specific:

Reporting COVID-19 Cases to the State:

We have received notification from HCPF to track and submit critical incidents for anyone who is enrolled onto one of the Medicaid waivers or enrolled in Family Support who is presumptive (believed to have COVID-19 and going for testing at direction of medical professional) or receives a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. If you receive notification from a family that an individual has been tested or has been confirmed by a positive COVID-19 test, please do the following:

  1. Fill out this critical incident template with all the details
  2. Send the completed critical incident template to and we will submit to HCPF.
  3. Per additional direction from HCPF: Call and make a report to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) at 303-692-2700
  4. Email to confirm that you completed the report to CDPHE

Tips on Reporting to CDPHE: 

  1. Sometimes the 303-692-2700 number will have a busy signal due to call volume. Please be patient and try again.
  2. Have the individual's electronic file and COSMO open in order to provide information that CDPHE will request such as: Name, DOB, Medicaid ID or Medical Number, Race & Ethnicity, Address, Phone number of individual (or parent if minor), if the individual has been actually tested& testing center (if known), if the individual is at risk (risk factors such as co-occurring medical), and brief narrative (such as how we know the individual is suspected to have COVID-19).
  3. It is okay if you don't know all of the details.
  4. CDPHE will pass the report on to Tri County Health Department and Tri County could reach out to you (case manager) if additional information is needed.