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Brad’s Story

August 2, 2021

Brad and his parents first found Developmental Pathways when he was in preschool. He loved school and socializing with his classmates but needed more support than a neurotypical student. Once his mother, Mayre Lynn, and father, Dave, began navigating the I/DD system, they felt alone and left out from other families and often wished for…

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Christopher’s Story

June 30, 2021

by Laura A., Christopher’s mother (edited for content and clarity) At two years old, our son Christopher was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. When we began our path of learning and therapy, it was hard and very different from how it is now. In the beginning, I remember Developmental Pathways being the only ones who…

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2021 Session Recap

June 29, 2021

On Tuesday, June 8th, the Colorado State Legislature adjourned. Though session has ended there is still much work to do. In this recap we’ll talk about some of the bills passed this session, the impact of COVID relief funding, and the long-term work that Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) will be pursuing over the…

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Alternatives to Guardianship

June 24, 2021

While Guardianship is the most well-known decision-making option, there are alternatives available. You can explore these alternatives before pursuing guardianship. Since guardianship is a legal process, it can often take more time than some of these alternatives. Guardianship is also permanent, whereas these options provide more flexibility. POWER OF ATTORNEY (POA) A POA empowers someone…

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Supported Decision-Making

June 21, 2021

Supported decision-making is often presented as an alternative to guardianship. Though this framework can be used as an alternative to guardianship, it can still be valuable while someone has a guardian. Put simply, supported decision-making is defined as a process through “which people with disabilities use friends, family members, and professionals to help them understand…

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