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The focus of this initiative is families with children between three and five years of age. These families often experience a gap in services and connection to resources. Through this initiative, Developmental Pathways aims to create a continuous transition to the next phase of care.

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Projects for the 3+ Initiative directly assist caregivers, preschools, community agencies, businesses, and childcare centers so that they can provide support for children with developmental disabilities/delays.

  • Host an online parent community
  • Provide parent training
  • Partner with organizations and businesses to build an inclusive community
  • Provide training to preschools and early childhood centers

Our goal is full inclusion and access to community resources for children three to five years of age. For questions, contact the Community Line at 303-858-2255.


For Parents

Milestone Tracker:
Track your child’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years with the free app.

Developmental Milestones:
Watch Your Child Learn and Grow: milestones from ages two through five years
Checklist to track your child’s developmental milestones from ages two months to five years

Child Find: 
To make a referral for screening or evaluation for a delay in development (children 3-5)
State | Denver Metro | Resources Page

For Early Childhood Professionals

Partnerships for Inclusion: Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce to Implement High-Quality Inclusion Practices

Disabilities Services Newsletters: 
A newsletter dedicated to staff working with young children with disabilities and their families.

Head Start Disability/Inclusion Network:
Engage with the Head Start disability/inclusion community around the country in an online community hosted on the MyPeers platform.

Pre-K Teach & Play:
Re-imaging early education. Redefining inclusion. Reclaiming children’s right to learn through play.

Provider Grants:
Developmental Pathways has grants available to increase services to children with developmental delays ages 3 – 5 years.