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Often, people with disabilities are not able to attend activities or appointments due to lack of transportation. Their options are limited and many are not timely, convenient, or affordable. The Transportation Initiative will increase diversified options for transportation through public and private entities, to ensure convenient, affordable, sustainable and efficient transportation.


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Developmental Pathways will support people of all abilities, caregivers, and providers to address transportation gaps.

  • Support provider route expansion
  • Grants for transportation providers to increase capacity
  • Develop a volunteer driver program
  • Provide education on how to use public transportation

Our goal is to increase access to transportation that is convenient, affordable, sustainable, and efficient. For questions, contact the Community Line at 303-858-2255.


Getting There Guide:
A resource to transportation services for the Denver Metro area.

VIA Mobility Services:
VIA is a full-spectrum mobility manager offering transportation, travel training, mobility options information plus a wide range of community resources.

Access-a-Ride provides local bus transportation in the Denver metro area for people with disabilities.

Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council (DRMAC):
DRMAC engages in a variety of programs and activities to bridge the gaps in current transit needs, existing services, and coordination for future improvements.

Volunteer Driver Program:
Volunteer to help those in Arapahoe County with transportation limitations.

Provider Grants:
Developmental Pathways has grants for providers to increase transportation options for people with developmental disabilities.

Transportation Accomplishments