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Acronyms Guide: Case Management

Case Management If you’re new to the I/DD realm, you have probably noticed we use various acronyms. To help you navigate all of them, we’ve created a guide of frequently used acronyms and terms used by specific departments or programs. Today we’re sharing the Case Management portion of the guide. The Case Management Department is…

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Saraly’s Story

Click for English Version ¿Cómo se conectó usted Developmental Pathways? ¿Todavía recibe servicios y ayuda de ellos? Bueno, yo les conocí a ustedes debido que cuando le dieron el primer diagnóstico a mi hija y asistí a una junta de del Grupo Vida. También, con algunos folletos en ferias de recursos que encontraba. En estos…

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Acronyms Guide: Community Outreach & Family Support

CO Acronyms Guide Feature Image

Community Outreach and Family Support We have updated our list of acronyms to ensure the terms you need to know are accessible to you! This portion of the guide will introduce you to frequently used terms related to our Community Outreach and Family Support programs. The Community Outreach Program supports individuals of all ages with…

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DP Annual Report

During our Board meeting on May 25th at 5:00 p.m., we will solicit public comment around our DP Annual Report FY 19-20. Please click here to find details on the meeting. If you are unable to attend the virtual meeting, please send any comments or questions about the report to

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Acronyms Guide: Community Engagement & Local Agencies

Community Engagement On top of I/DD acronyms, we use several terms that sound a bit foreign to you—self-advocate, service provider, advisory group. In this handy guide, you will find acronyms and terms frequently used by our community engagement team. The Community Engagement Department at DP creates and facilitates connections to engage the broader community in…

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Colorado Budget Process

Each year the Colorado Legislature creates a state budget for state services like education, roads, and programs supporting people with disabilities. Colorado must maintain a balanced budget meaning the state cannot spend more than its revenue, unlike the Federal government. The process of creating the budget happens throughout the year, not just during the legislative…

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Staff Story: Veronica

Our mission here at Developmental Pathways is to enrich lives and strengthen communities and we could not make this happen without our amazing staff. We’ll be dedicating some space on our blog to highlight staff members who play a huge role in the success of the families they support and our organization. Meet Veronica Veronica…

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“I Am…” Campaign

I Am... Campaign

Access Gallery, an inclusive art program in Denver, exists to amplify the voices of its artists. It’s out of this mission that the “I Am..” campaign was born; to celebrate artists of all abilities during national Developmental Disability Awareness Month. The Gallery’s Graphic Design class developed the campaign. Amy Siegel, the class teacher, kept the…

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From Bill to Law

From Bill To Law

All laws begin as bills. And all bills are born from ideas. Ideas for bills often come from citizens like you, which is another reason it is important to know your legislators. The journey is a lengthy approval process between the House, Senate, and Governor. Understanding how a bill becomes a law can seem confusing…

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Who is Access Gallery?

Who is access gallery

70% of people with disabilities are unemployed in the United States. Access Gallery, and inclusive art gallery in Denver, is working to cut down that percentage by partnering with artists who otherwise might not have the opportunity to pursue their craft. Their goal is to figure out ways to make life a little bit better…

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