Supported Living Services Medicaid Waiver

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This waiver provides a variety of services and supports for adults (ages 18+) living in their own homes or with family in the community. The services provided include personal assistance with daily living activities, homemaking skills, employment supports, day services, assistive technology, home modification, professional services, and transportation. There is no wait for this program.

  • To be eligible for services adults in this program…

    1. Are at least 18 years of age

    2. Have been determined to have a developmental disability before the age of 22

    3. Live in the family home or in an independent setting

    4. Are determined to meet the Federal Social Security Administration’s definition of disability

    5. Your income is less than $2,199.00 per month and your countable resources must be less than $2,000.

    *For more information about Supports, please visit our Helpful Tools section.


    Personal Care Services


    Homemaker Basic

    Homemaker Enhanced


    Massage Therapy

    Movement Therapy

    Hippo Therapy

    Behavioral Services

    Individual/Group Counseling

    Day Programming

    Prevocational Services

    Supported Employment/Job Coaching


    Home Modifications.

    Assistive Technology

    Vehicle Modifications



    Specialized Medical Equipment/Supplies

    Transition Services

    *For more information about Services, please visit our Helpful Tools section.