Steps to Qualify for Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) Services or Programs with DP

To access Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) services through DP or another Case Management Agency (CMA), you must first be determined to meet the State of Colorado's criteria.

Step 1 : Contact Intake

Please fill out our Intake Referral Form or leave a message with our intake team by calling 303-858-2260

Step 2 : Go through the DD Determination Process

What is the difference between Developmental Delay and Intellectual/Developmental Disability Determination?

Developmental Delay Determinations are completed for children from birth to age 5 only and used to determine the existence of a delay in development.

Individuals over the age of 5 require a Developmental Disability Determination to be completed. This determination is much more extensive, is considered permanent in most cases, and is used to constitute a substantial disability to the affected individual.

How the Process Begins

  1. Fill out and submit the State form called the “Request for Determination of Developmental Disability
  2. Submit needed paperwork (see below)

For more specifics, please see our Developmental Disability/Delay Criteria page.

Request for Determination of Developmental Disability
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Supplemental Information
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Testing Information and Resources
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Documentation Needed

Individuals seeking services have 90 calendar days to submit paperwork. Individuals can also request an additional 90-day extension if necessary.

Paperwork can be obtained through your school, medical professionals, or therapists. If you are looking for documentation for a delay, you can also ask your Early Intervention (EI) Coordinator.

  • Developmental Delay – this would include information showing a diagnosis associated with delays in development or documentation of delays in areas of development.
  • Developmental Disability – this would include medical documentation showing qualifying I/DD diagnosis and/or neurological condition, current IQ and/or Adaptive testing, and proof of impairment prior to 22 years of age.

If additional testing is needed, please see our list of testing providers.

We're Here to Help

Your Developmental Pathways team is here to help. We will provide you with all required forms, resources for testing, answer your questions, guide you through the next steps, and help to coordinate with your school district or doctor.

Once Eligible/Approved: How to Enroll into Waivers and Programs, Waitlists

Step 3 : Enrolling into Services

After an individual is determined to meet the State of Colorado’s criteria for a developmental delay/disability, we will support you with identifying which program will best meet your needs and work with you to enroll in that program. Each program has different eligibility criteria you must meet to enroll, and all waivers require someone to qualify for Medicaid. Check out our Intake and Enrollment roadmap below or the DP site for more information on the program criteria and Medicaid information. DP staff will support you throughout the process of enrolling into services.