Our History

Since 1964, Developmental Pathways (DP) has been an essential community-based support for individuals with disabilities. We were founded to provide individuals with supports in their communities rather than in institutional settings and our mission has always been focused on supporting individuals in meeting their fullest potential through community participation and inclusion.

In our nearly 6 decades of operation, we have built organizational knowledge and expertise in supporting State, federal, and locally funded programs including case management for long-term care programming.

Our teams are dedicated to fostering:
  • Individual and Family Choice
  • Community Participation and Inclusion
  • Collaborative Care Coordination Focused on Meeting the Needs of the Whole Person


On June 3 1964, Developmental Pathways was founded, known initially as the Suburban Community Training and Services Center.


By 1985, we were serving over 400 individuals and families and had formally changed our name to the familiar DP we know and love today.

Today, Developmental Pathways (DP) serves more than 15,000 individuals and families per year.

Our team is comprised of nearly 600 staff members including social workers, occupational/physical/speech therapists, and other professionals.

Our programming includes helping individuals and families with co-occurring needs from birth to aging and from a variety of backgrounds. This means we have experience in supporting individuals through their lifespans and across a spectrum of needs.

We passionately believe inclusion is for everyone and offer services through Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver programs, locally funded programs, and partnerships with other community organizations.