Long-Term Care Case Management

What is Case Management and Service Coordination?

Case Management and Service Coordination are interdisciplinary processes that access, plan, implement, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate supports to improve outcomes for individuals and families.

Why are these services important?

It is a crucial component of assisting individuals and families in living meaningful lives and meeting their care needs. Case Managers are specially trained in the programs they help people access and have tools and resources to make meaningful referrals to other resources.

Why Choose Developmental Pathways? We Will Help You…

  • Understand what services are available and help you determine if you meet the criteria for developmental disability services
  • With enrolling you in the available waiver or state-funded program that is right for you
  • Determine the right combination of care, activities, and support needed to live a meaningful life
  • Develop a service plan and assist you in finding providers and meeting your goals for mental health, emotional, social, and medical services
  • Ensure your health, safety, and other needs are met and your rights are respected
  • By monitoring the service plan for effectiveness and satisfaction
Infographic with mom and daughter describing results
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All Ages
Support with applying and qualifying for state benefits such as the CES Waiver, CHRP Waiver, DD Waiver, FSSP Waiver, SLS Waiver, and State SLS Waiver.

Adult boy watering plants with his mother in the garden

All Ages
Support with applying and qualifying for state benefits such as the Family Support Services Program (FSSP), State Supported Living Services Program (SLS), and OBRA Specialized Services (OBSS).

How do I get started? How do I refer a family?

Do you/does the individual live in Arapahoe, Douglas, or Elbert County? 
If so, then you’re in the right place! We’ll just need some basic information to get started:

  1. Individual’s Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. County of Residence/Address
  4. Contact Information