We Want to Hear From You

We appreciate hearing from our community, and that means you!

Do you...

Have a positive story to share about your services and supports or praise for a team member?
Have a complaint or concern you need addressed?
Have a heartwarming news clip to share?
At Developmental Pathways, we value kindness, collaboration, and competency and have a commitment to person-and-family-centeredness. We strive to create and support an environment of inclusion and belonging for individuals and their families, as well as our internal team members and external community partners.

Share by Phone

Call the staff member directly or call their supervisor

Share by Email

Email the staff member or email their supervisor and share with them

Share in Person

If we are at an event or meeting together, share with us in person

We’re committed to customer-focused, high-quality outcomes. We also believe in continuous improvement towards those goals, so we welcome hearing how we are meeting, exceeding, or possibly not quite hitting the mark in our work.

When sharing with us, it is helpful to include the following:

  • What is going well and why or what may not be going well and how
  • Who has been helping you
  • Your name and contact information in case we need to follow up with you

What to expect once you have connected with us:

  • Our team will honor what you have shared and forward the information as needed in a timely manner
  • We may be in contact to gather additional details and otherwise follow up as needed
  • We may also ask permission to share your thoughts and reflections with our community, although it is okay to say no if you prefer that we don’t

What if I don’t have the staff member’s or supervisors’ contact information?

  • Our team members include their contact info and that of their supervisors in their email signatures, so you may have their information in a recent email.
  • You can contact our front desk at 303-360-6600, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and they can help you get in touch with the people you are looking for. 

Other Opportunities To Give Feedback

If you have information to share about a provider agency

If you have thoughts to share about Senate Bill 16-038 (CCB Transparency)

If you have thoughts to share about Early Intervention Services

If your concerns are about Medicaid denials, partial denials, reductions in services, etc.

In addition to letting us know your questions/concerns, please also share your thoughts directly to the State:


In addition to telling us, you can file a dispute resolution request with the State:


You’ll want to file an appeal directly with the State; do NOT use our complaint process as we cannot address Medicaid-related appeals through our complaint process.

Visit https://oac.colorado.gov/public-benefits

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Our door is open!

Your feedback is welcome and helps us ensure we’re providing the person-centered support and responsiveness that you deserve and that we value.