Mill Levy

What is Mill Levy?

In the broadest sense, a mill levy is a property tax based on assessed value. The tax rate is expressed in “mills,” and one mill is equal to $1 per $1000 of assessed value.

In 2001, voters in both Arapahoe and Douglas counties overwhelmingly passed a one-mill property tax dedicated to supporting individuals in their counties with developmental and intellectual disabilities and delays.

As the Community Centered Board (CCB) for Arapahoe and Douglas Counties, Developmental Pathways uses Mill Levy funds to support crucial community programming for individuals with I/DD and their families in Arapahoe and Douglas Counties.

Mill Levy Priorities

The 2001 referendums were approved to support a variety of funding gaps, including:

  • Protecting and assisting people with I/DD and developmental delays
  • Avoiding out-of-home placements
  • Helping individuals with I/DD find and keep employment
  • Providing daycare (supervision) and other services for seniors with I/DD
  • Working with infants and toddlers to minimize the long-term impacts of developmental delays
  • Reducing waitlists for services
  • All with the goal of achieving those goals without expanding government through partnering with the local Community Centered Board.

How DP Prioritizes Mill Levy Spending

Mill Levy funds are used to support a variety of locally funded programs offered through DP. Multiple funding sources support local funding, including private donations, community giving programs, grants, and endowments.

Our locally funded programs are designed to support individuals and families, providers, and the I/DD community in our catchment area in two key ways:

An illustration of money and an arrow pointing to a figure of a person.
Prioritizing direct funds to individuals, families, and providers (Direct Supports)
An illustration of a figure presenting in front of a board with a checkmark, and an arrow pointing to a flag at the top of a mountain.
Prioritizing agency-level work (such as Care Coordination) to strengthen I/DD outcomes for the community at large 

This means Mill Levies are put to work:

An illustration of a person woth theri arms up, with five circles above their head. They are surrounded by a circle connected to a heart.
Meeting unmet and under-met needs directly, including developing and supporting direct service programming in the community.
An illustration of three people surrounded by a circle that connects to a heart at the bottom.
Developing and supporting case management and service coordination programming—both of which assist in creating more meaningful, integrated outcomes for individuals with I/DD and delays and their families.

Our Board of Directors (which includes individuals in service and family members of individuals in service) and its Mill Levy Fund Balance Committee, as well as our Arapahoe and Douglas Boards of County Commissioners, help guide and direct DP’s local programming.

Future of Mill Levy

Made Possible by you

2022 marked the 20th anniversary of this vital funding

When the referendums passed in 2001, we knew the funding was a critical component in supporting individuals with I/DD and their families, but we had no idea how impactful the ripple effects of that funding would be.

As a result of the 2001 campaign, service cuts were avoided and more than 1,600 new individuals with developmental disabilities/delays were served with Mill Levy funds in the first two years of implementation.

Today, more than 8,000 individuals and families benefit every year from this funding.

To each and every taxpayer, county commissioner, and community partner…

Thank you

For questions about Mill Levy, please contact Darcy Tibbles at or 303.434.9382