What We Do

Connecting you with services, providing support, and coordinating care

Developmental Pathways supports individuals of all ages through various programs, services, and community resources

As a Community Centered Board

Our programming focuses on supporting babies and toddlers with developmental delays and children and adults of all ages with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities (I/DD).

As an Early Intervention Provider

We offer pediatric home health services such as occupational, physical, and speech therapies in addition to core EI supports.

As a Case Management Agency

Our programming offers individuals and families support accessing the long-term care system through state and federally-funded programs like Medicaid Waivers. We do that through a process called “Case Management,” which is a collaborative process and includes: Intake, Eligibility, Program Enrollment, Active case management and service coordination, Assessment, Service planning, Monitoring, Referral, Education, Advocacy,  Outreach

When you are served by DP, your Case Manager/Coordinator will be your primary contact who will connect you to resources, help you navigate program supports, and negotiate positive outcomes.

State & Medicaid Programs and Services

A baby boy playing with stacking cups with his therapist.

Birth to Age 3
Evaluating children with a delay in development and/or qualifying diagnosis. Services include speech, occupational, physical, and developmental intervention, and therapy.

Man sitting against painted art wall

All Ages
Support with applying and qualifying for state benefits such as the CES Waiver, CHRP Waiver, DD Waiver, and SLS Waiver.

A young boy giving his mom a kiss on the cheek as she smiles at the camera.

All Ages
State-funded programs include the Family Support Services ProgramState SLS Program, and OBRA Specialized Services. These programs use state-only funds to support individuals and/or their families with I/DD who may not otherwise qualify for supports or need interim support while enrolling into a Medicaid waiver program.

Nicole Ponder and her family smiling together for a family picture
“We cannot thank Developmental Pathways enough for the opportunities that this funding has created for our family. Thank you for giving our family hope, and thank you for providing opportunities for our beautiful Sara to progress.”

– Nicole Ponder

Locally Funded Services

Girl and dog laying together on the couch

All Ages
Offering funding to those who don’t qualify for waivers or need funding for other needs.

A family smiling at the camera as they sit on the ground outside. From left to right: A young boy, a father holding a young girl, a young girl, a mother, a young girl, and a young boy.

All Ages
Supporting individuals waiting for state or federally-funded services.

A group of five young children sit on a couch smiling.

All Providers
Providers and community organizations are welcome to apply for any of our funding options.

Community Resources

Calendar of community events, DP events, activities, and more

Helpful tools, activities for all ages, and resources for respite, housing,  transportation, and more 

Training for individuals and providers

DP team on the stairs

Our teams are here to help put together the right combination of care, support, and more for one to live a full life

Supporting individuals and families through an Early Childhood program.

Supporting individuals and families through funding and community partnerships.

Supporting Intake & Systems Navigation to Enrollment to Active Case Management for individuals and families for I/DD programming.

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