Developmental Pathways Halloween contest winner flyer

2022 Halloween Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 Developmental Pathways\’ Halloween Contests. This was the biggest turnout yet! We received more than 60 submissions and had more than 400 voters!


This contest was open to everyone – individuals in services, families, staff, providers, and community members. Our Community Engagement team will be contacting the winners regarding prizes. We appreciate your participation!


To get a closer look, click on the photos!


The winners are…

Individual Costume:

\"Child 1st: Elvis Presley – Angel \"Adult 2nd: Dragon – Atziry \"Child 3rd: Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas – Mary-Anne

Couples Costume:

\"Two 1st: Jack and Sally – Nick and Carmen \"One 2nd: Super-Men – Clay and Ed \"Two 3rd: Roman Warrior and Queen – D\’Shaun and Nikki

Group Costume:

\"Large 1st: LOD of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Training – Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) Team \"Two 2nd: Rooster and Hen with Chicks \"Nine 3rd: Team Dakota – Our Pets Love Halloween Too!

Pumpkin Decorating:

\"Painted 1st: Haunted House Silhouette – Mandy \"Green 2nd: The Grinch – Dulce \"The 3rd: Brains – Jake

Interior/Exterior Decorations:

\"Office 1st: Developmental Pathways Haunted Lobby \"Office 2nd: Anson\’s Place \"Front 3rd: Happy Halloween Garden – Sarah

Pet Costume:

\"Grey 1st: Chucky the Dog – Max \"Brown 2nd: Pirate – Milan \"Black 3rd: T-rex – Gizmo

Congratulations to all and have a happy and safe Halloween!