Community Outreach Waitlist Program

All Ages

The Community Outreach Waitlist Services Program provides support to individuals of all ages waiting for state or federally-funded services; local dollars, grants, and donations provide funding for this program.

Helps children who have recently exited the Early Intervention program with ongoing delay needs.

Provides help accessing funding for specific unmet or under-met needs.

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Community Outreach Waitlist Services Program
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Individuals accessing the Community Outreach Waitlist Services Program are connected with a supportive coordinator to help navigate resources. They can receive a weekly resource newsletter, attend training, connect with others receiving services, and receive free or discounted services and programs.

For more information:

Call 303-360-6600, press 3, then press 5 or email

Developing Partnerships to Support

To help connect families and individuals to the resources they need, the Community Engagement team develops partnerships with many community agencies.

Some of the resources we offer are caregiver training, such as:

  • Sensory Processing Differences
  • Toilet Training at any age
  • Guardianship & Funding Sources
  • Caregiver Support and Leadership
  • Stress Management
  • Managing Challenging Behaviors

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