Titled" Making our World Better with host Jay Clark, Podcast, and m/Oppenheim Nonprofit Report with host Mark Oppenheim, webinar. Featuring DP CEO and Executive Director Matt VanAuken." Developmental Pathways logo and a headshot of Matt VanAuken.

Check out Podcast and Webinar featuring our CEO and Executive Director, Matt VanAuken!

Developmental Pathways’ CEO and Executive Director Matt VanAuken was recently a featured guest on two programs, the “Making Our World Better” podcast with host Jay Clark and the “m/Oppenheim Nonprofit Report” webinar with host Mark Oppenheim! He was honored for the chance to speak about the importance of supporting individuals and families who need help navigating the complex world of disability services. Thank you to both programs for the opportunity to share DP’s history and community, our mission and values, and the work of our incredible staff. Listen to or watch the interviews below!

Making Our World Better Podcast with host Jay Clark
Ep. 48: Matt VanAuken | Leading With Purpose and Kindness

“High levels of purpose, kindness, collaboration, and strong leadership in an organization can generate a certain kind of magic that can elevate an entire community, as you will discover through this conversation with Matt VanAuken, CEO and Executive Director of Developmental Pathways.”

m/Oppenheim Nonprofit Report
Supporting Coloradans with Disabilities

“Support and resources for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities and the importance of making these accessible to families. Our special guest for this discussion is Matt VanAuken, Executive Director & CEO of Developmental Pathways.”