May 2019 Community Events & Resources

June 14, 2019 – HRCA Happy Hour Half K

Looking for something to do with the whole family on Father’s Day Weekend? Have you always wanted to run a Half Marathon or maybe even just a 5K but seems like too much work? Well…. you’re in luck! Join HRCA for the inaugural Happy Hour Half K benefiting the HRCA Therapeutic Recreation Program! Bring your family, friends, and pets and join in supporting one another on this 1640 foot “race” course. There will be 1 aid station on course for those risking dehydration and looking to carb up with donuts to propel yourself to the finish line. Haven’t started training? No worries…. neither has anyone else!! Click here to register.

Disability and School-to-Prison Pipeline

Children with disabilities are more likely than children without disabilities to be propelled into the juvenile justice system. A Colorado education policy expert, a Colorado legislator, a parent, and a behavior expert share their perspectives on that inequity. You can watch the interviews here or listen to them as a podcast.

Sundance Outdoor Therapy

Sundance Outdoor Therapy specializes in animal-assisted and nature-based occupational therapy at parks and gyms in the community or at Sundance Ranch just east of Parker. They strive to create individualized outdoor experiences for adventurers with unique needs: training and caring for animals, being outdoors paddle boarding, hiking or fishing, or indoors rock climbing and swinging. Here are 5 reasons for OT on a ranch.

Updated Guide: Health First Colorado Buy-in Program with Waivers

As of October 1, 2017, Health First Colorado Buy-in Program for Working Adults with Disabilities (WAwD) was authorized as an allowable form of Medicaid for the HCBS-SLS waiver. This means that working adults with a disability have the option of being on the HCBS-SLS waiver (Long Term Care Medicaid) and the Buy-in Program. Contact your Case Manager or Coordinator for a copy of this guide.

Parent Talk Time at Kids Wonder

Join Kids Wonder weekly on Thursdays at 2 pm for Parent Talk Time. Non-profit YANA (You Are Not Alone – MOM2MOM) provides support and resources for parents. Join for conversation, discussion topics or a needed shoulder. Children under 3 years old can attend with parents and stay in the classroom. Children older than 3 may be interested in playing in the play center and if requested can do so at a $2 discount. View more information here.

Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPHE) ASD Survey

CDPHE would like to learn about you and your family or patients’ experience with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), along with a workgroup representing parents and providers, is gathering information about ASD. Learning about your lived experience is very important to them, including symptoms, challenges, treatments you’ve tried and their effects. To complete the survey, click here.