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Facts, Opinions & the Importance of Being Informed

Recently, we shared a video about making choices and decisions. Making choices is an important right that all people have. Before deciding something or making a choice, you need information about the topic.

Both facts and opinions matter when it comes to decision-making and can impact your choice. Understanding the difference between fact and opinion is necessary and helps keep you informed, which is needed during voting season.  

What is a fact?

Facts are always true and are proven through research. For example – FACT: Jared Polis is the current governor of the state of Colorado.

What is an opinion?

An opinion cannot be proven; it is something you think or feel. Your opinion may be different than someone else’s, and that is okay. For example – OPINION: Colorado is the best state in the United States of America.

Watch this video to learn more about fact vs. opinion.

Taking time to research a topic is the best way to figure out the facts. Research might mean searching the internet to read articles, watch videos, or visiting the local library to find a book on the subject. Keep in mind that you might also find many opinions when you are searching for facts.

Whenever doing research, ask yourself these questions to determine if the information is a fact or opinion.

During voting season, it is crucial to know the difference between fact and opinion. Watch this fun video that shows the different news source options and how to be an informed consumer of information. 

How to Read the News 

Being informed is the first step to being an educated voter!


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