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Voter Engagement 2021 Kick-Off

This August, after reviewing numerous applications, Developmental Pathways hired two self-advocate interns to join our 2021 Voter Engagement campaign! The campaign seeks to inform, educate, and empower people of all…

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Election Recap

Ballot Guide - 2020 Election Recap

Wondering what happened with the election? What passed and how will it affect you? You’re not alone. At DP, we have worked to create a comprehensive Election Recap guide summarizing…

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Man thinking about a plan to vote

KNOW YOUR OPTIONS TO CAST YOUR VOTE  Written by Kim Tenure, Associate Director of I/DD Policy  In Colorado, there are different ways that you can vote, so it is important to make a plan. Elections are conducted by your county, so there may be…

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Exercise Your Rights!

Exercise Your Right to Vote Feature Image

Helpful Resources to Navigate Voting   Written by Kim Tenure, Associate Director of I/DD Policy  There are many Federal and State laws that protect your rights to vote.  The United States divides power between different levels of government; this…

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Ballot Guide: what to know before you vote

vote like you mean it ballot guide blog feature image

Learn what’s on the Ballot  Written by Kim Tenure, Associate Director of I/DD Policy  Do you feel like you don’t know enough about the issues in our state to vote? You’re one of many, if so. There may be other obstacles to…

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Voting Season 2020

Written by Kim Tenure, Associate Director of I/DD Policy In case you haven’t noticed, the election season is in full swing. This year, Developmental Pathways wants to encourage our entire…

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