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How You Can Help

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Where Does Your Donated Dollar Go?

Thousands of individuals are currently waiting for state and federal funding to receive services from Developmental Pathways. Emergency funds can provide much needed support to these individuals and their families waiting for funds and those already receiving funding. Support comes in the form of medical equipment not covered by Medicaid, a variety of therapies, and home modifications.

For donation questions, please contact Gillian Kennedy, Director of Communications and Fundraising, at (303) 858-2206 or

Areas of Impact

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At age 3, children graduate from the state-funded Early Intervention program. This poses a problem for many children who face a 2-year gap in services until they are eligible for services through the school system at age 5. The 3+ Initiative began as a stop-gap effort to help children and families sustain the progress made through the Early Intervention program. Funding for 3+ provides services such as physical, speech, and occupational therapy as well as developmental and behavioral intervention.

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Respite care is temporary relief designed for families of children or adults with a developmental disability/delay. Caretakers often face a great deal of stress trying to balance the needs of their loved one with a developmental disability and the needs of the rest of their family members. The high monthly cost of respite care adds to the strain of daily life, not to mention the frustration of finding qualified caregivers. Respite funding can provide an hour or two each week for caretakers to buy groceries, go to dinner, or recharge in whatever way they choose while knowing their loved one is receiving professional care.

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Many individuals with a developmental disability rely on public transportation to get to a job or to increase their independence. However, annual public transportation can cost thousands of dollars and present the barriers of limited routes and rigid time schedules. Through our Transportation initiative, we are partnering with local organizations such as Douglas County E-470 and RTD to offer more comprehensive and affordable means of transportation for the people we serve.

Ways you can make a difference


Greatest Need Fund
Your unrestricted gift to the Greatest Need Fund allows Developmental Pathways to fund the projects and programs that will have the greatest impact on the people we serve and their families.

  • Providing respite for a family
  • Removing transportation barriers for the people we serve, so they can seek meaningful employment
  • Providing access to therapeutic services

All of the money raised by Developmental Pathways benefits the residents of Arapahoe and Douglas Counties and the city of Aurora. Choosing to support your local community has lots of positive benefits. Giving locally improves our quality of life and helps build a stronger local community.

Restricted gift
We offer restricted giving options so you can earmark your donation to go directly to a specific program.

Please let us know if you want your gift used for a specific purpose, by indicating that purpose in a letter to us.

Multi-Year Pledge
A multi-year pledge can help you keep track of your giving and ensure that you continue to support the Greatest Need Fund each and every fiscal year.


Developmental Pathways appreciates in-kind gifts. The gifts must be evaluated by Developmental Pathways prior to donation. Please contact Gillian Kennedy, Director of Communications and Fundraising, at (303) 858-2206 or for further information.


A bequest or other gift in your will leaves a lasting legacy of your commitment to our work here at Developmental Pathways and our future. The Pathways Legacy Society honors those friends of Developmental Pathways who have made this extraordinary commitment to further our mission. Please contact Gillian Kennedy, Director of Communications and Fundraising, at (303) 858-2206 or for further information.


Volunteering here at Developmental Pathways is a great way to use your talents and provide valuable service to our Developmental Pathways community.


Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees and retirees to contribute to charitable organizations. Many of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar. Please check with your Human Resources Department to see if it offers a matching gift program that will match your gift to Developmental Pathways. If they do ask for a matching gift form, fill it out, and forward it to us here. Some companies use electronic filling which eliminates the need for a matching gift form.