LorElle’s Story

Meet LorElle, commonly known as Elle – a very talkative little girl with the ability to light up any room. We got to play and chat with Elle and her mom this summer at a park near their home. It’s one of their favorite places to visit.

Elle began receiving supports from Developmental Pathways early on after her pediatrician noticed she wasn’t meeting developmental milestones and recommended an evaluation through the Developmental Pathways’ Early Intervention (EI) program. She immediately began physical therapy and occupational therapy. Elle is now four-and-a-half years old and receives services from our Case Management department.

“I couldn’t comprehend at the time how important it was to get services as soon as possible. What a difference it’s made in her ability to be independent and avoid possible medical-related issues because of non-treatment,”

Liz, Elle’s mother.

five photo collage of four year old girl in jean shorts and pink shirt with leg braces, playing at a playground

Elle’s language ability came naturally, and with the well-rounded therapies and support that DP provides, she was able to thrive and the strengths she already had.

She’s got an incredible sense of determination and will. Her vocabulary and understanding of the world around her amaze others every day.

Developmental Pathways’ assistance has allowed her to grow and flourish intellectually while still supporting her motor skills. Though she sometimes uses her love of talking as a distraction mechanism when things get tricky during therapy sessions, she always makes those around her smile.

“Even in the pandemic, Developmental Pathways stayed reliable. We were still meeting with our Case Manager via Zoom or on the phone. I felt like all my needs were taken care of,” said Liz.

Elle recently accomplished climbing up the ladder at their park. She likes to go out to the park, shopping, the zoo, and the aquarium. She can get overstimulated when out in the community and usually only goes out for short periods.

Elle and her parents spend time outside, going for walks, or having picnics on her better days. When indoors, the family loves playing board games like Hi-Ho Cheerio or Chutes and Ladders. Elle and her dad have also always loved watching NASCAR racing.

“Thank you to the whole team at DP. I know it takes a lot of support from many different people, aspects, and roles that I don’t interact with. Thank you for helping my daughter succeed,” said Liz.

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