Meet Abi Hammer! She Loves Her Job at Best Buddies Bakery and Cafe

After the Hammer family shared their inspiring story with us, I wanted to meet their daughter Abi and find out more about her experience with the Wellspring Community and her job at the Best Buddies Bakery and Cafe, a delicious bakery at The Emporium in Castle Rock.

I have to say–Best Buddies has customer service down. You can tell the folks who work there love meeting new people and engaging with customers. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with grins and a chorus of “hello’s”. Abi immediately made me feel welcome and at ease with a warm smile and questions about my camera. As it turns out, the two of us have a lot in common!

Abi loves taking pictures of nature and animals, and she wants to pursue a career as a photographer and a knitting teacher. Getting to meet different people every day is her favorite part of working at Best Buddies, along with serving delicious food and desserts to happy customers. Who doesn’t love being served cookies, carrot cakes, and brownies? There is something for everyone! Abi’s favorite dessert is cheesecake, and she’s a big fan of vanilla lattes. What stood out most to me about Abi, though, was her joy. Watching her have animated conversations with customers and her fellow coworkers inspired me to get to know my own colleagues better and find more reasons to smile. Everyone we meet along the way can help us grow.

It was an honor getting to hang out with Abi and her coworkers and hearing about their passions (one of her coworkers hopes to be an actress!). Programs like Wellspring are so important for our community, giving all of us a chance to meet and interact with rising stars like Abi. I’m hoping to get back there soon and grab carrot cake!