Intake Process

Step 1: Contact us

Please call our intake line at 303-858-2260 or email us at

*Developmental Pathways serves Arapahoe and Douglas Counties and the City of Aurora

An Intake Case Manager will discuss the criteria for a developmental disability and will provide you with a Request for Determination of Developmental Disability application packet. The Intake Case Manager will also discuss potential programs and supports. You may also view and/or download or print packet materials here. Please be aware the completion and return of the Request for Determination of Developmental Disability form is the first step in starting the intake and determination process. All completed forms can be returned to, as well as by mail, fax, or dropping them off at one of our office locations. If you have any questions at any step during the intake and determination process, you are welcome to contact our intake line or e-mail. We are here to support you!

Request for DD Determination Form

Supplemental Information

Testing Information

Step 2: Documents Needed for Disability Determination

Upon our receipt of the completed Request for Determination of Developmental Disability form, you will have 90 days to submit all necessary documents to your assigned intake case manager. These documents include signed cognitive/IQ testing (i.e. WISC-IV) and/or adaptive behavior testing (i.e., Vineland), medically diagnosed neurological conditions, and evidence of a disability before the age of 22. Please contact your Intake Case Manager for testing centers and resources.

STEP 3: Developmental Disability Determination

The intake case manager will review the documents you submit and complete an Intellectual & Developmental Disability determination. If you are determined as a person with a developmental disability, you will be notified and will receive additional information regarding the programs that may best meet your needs. If you are determined to not have a developmental disability, you will be notified of this decision, given further recommendations or referrals and an explanation of your right to appeal the determination.

STEP 4: Pending Enrollment/Waiting List

Unfortunately, there is currently a waiting list for funding for some of our services including our Family Support Program and Developmental Disabilities Waiver (HCBS-DD waiver – also referred to as the “Residential” or “Comprehensive” waiver). Your placement on the waiting list is determined by the date of the Developmental Disability determination.  There may be some immediate access to other supports and your Intake Case Manager may be able to suggest alternative community resources. If you cannot enroll right away, you will be contacted once per year to review your resource needs and exchange current contact information.

STEP 5: Enrollment

The Community Outreach Program, Children’s Extensive Support (HCBS-CES), Children’s Habilitation Residential Program (HCBS-CHRP), and Supported Living Services (HCBS-SLS) waivers do not currently have a waiting list. Your ability to enroll in a program is based on financial, functional, and disability eligibility. You will work with your Intake Case Manager to begin the process if you meet the age and programmatic criteria for these waivers.

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