Summer Camp Spotlight: TimberNook Program

About a year ago, our Community Outreach Program began giving grants to organizations doing cool stuff in the I/DD realm. One of these organizations is the Hope Farms Project. Their mission is to offer an opportunity for people and animals to learn, grow, & heal together in nature. They also provide a career development program for people with disabilities or traumatic brain injuries.

Sounds pretty rad, huh? We thought so too, so that’s why we gave them grants through our 3+ and Respite initiatives to start the TimberNook Program. TimberNook helps kiddos engage in therapeutic play activities outdoors. The program just got off the ground in June 2018 and has been a hit with kids and their families.

One of our own parents recently shared a letter they wrote to Hope Farms. Her son, Emmet, has been part of the DP family for a while, so when she gave this glowing review of TimberNook, we knew our investment had paid off. Thanks for sharing mom!

Meet Emmet

My son Emmet had the opportunity to attend the TimberNook Sensory Adventures Camp this summer with the help from Developmental Pathways and the Community Outreach Program. Every summer since Emmet has been 4 years old, we have tried summer camps. He will be 9 in September. We struggled every year. Lots of resistance and tears from both of us!

We were blessed this summer. TimberNook offered everything he needed. Patience, acceptance, and learning through play. The kids built a mud pit from scratch, collaboratively built forts and a slip-n-slide, and made friends with all the furry animal friends on the farm. The camp facilitators were amazing! They encouraged the kids to work together and problem-solve on their own. Of course, they were always on hand to provide loving guidance when needed.

Emmet has decided that he will go to TimberNook every summer. For us, that is HUGE! I will forever be grateful to Developmental Pathways and the TimberNook program for giving my son the camp experience he has always needed.

Because of this experience, I will keep close the picture I have in my mind of Emmet, covered in dirt with a gigantic smile on his face and joy in both of our hearts.