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Acronyms Guide: Early Intervention

Early Intervention It can feel like Early Intervention has its own language. You might have wondered, what is an “IFSP,” “SC,” and “SLP”? Well, you are not alone. This handy acronym guide will fill you in on all the lingo we use for babies and toddlers in the Early Intervention Program.  The Early Intervention program…

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Acronyms Guide: Case Management

Case Management If you’re new to the I/DD realm, you have probably noticed we use various acronyms. To help you navigate all of them, we’ve created a guide of frequently used acronyms and terms used by specific departments or programs. Today we’re sharing the Case Management portion of the guide. The Case Management Department is…

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Acronyms Guide: Community Outreach & Family Support

CO Acronyms Guide Feature Image

Community Outreach and Family Support We have updated our list of acronyms to ensure the terms you need to know are accessible to you! This portion of the guide will introduce you to frequently used terms related to our Community Outreach and Family Support programs. The Community Outreach Program supports individuals of all ages with…

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Acronyms Guide: Community Engagement & Local Agencies

Community Engagement On top of I/DD acronyms, we use several terms that sound a bit foreign to you—self-advocate, service provider, advisory group. In this handy guide, you will find acronyms and terms frequently used by our community engagement team. The Community Engagement Department at DP creates and facilitates connections to engage the broader community in…

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