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Our Goals

People with I/DD have the information they need regarding the variety and choices of housing options and can take action to support their long-term housing needs. 

Self-advocates and families recognized a major effort is needed to prevent their loved ones with I/DD from being displaced from their community of support, institutionalized, or rendered homeless. Many went to Developmental Pathways for answers and support. Developmental Pathways helped connect advocates to develop a Housing Task Force in order to move forward with robust efforts. It is this Housing Task Force of stakeholders, with the support of Developmental Pathways, that engaged the community to identify and provide direction on what type of housing, service delivery models and support is needed and preferred by constituents in Arapahoe County, Douglas County and City of Aurora.

I/DD Housing Options - Mom and Son


The Housing & Community Development for Residents with I/DD is a culmination of the data received and compiled by Autism Housing Network. The data can be used to share the demand, opportunities, and barriers that will need to be overcome to ensure a diverse array of options for the future.

Autism Housing Network (AHN) is a project of the Madison House Autism Foundation that brings together the best ideas on housing for the neurodiverse population. It is an online, national hub of information about housing and support services for individuals with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD). The AHN strives to inspire, empower and provide technical assistance to the development of local solutions responding to the national housing and support crisis.

Data should drive policy and funding solutions to meet housing needs. The Housing & Community Development for Residents with I/DD Report has been created to reflect the challenges, barriers, data results and next steps for the future in residential and support systems.

Results are summarized in the graphic and included in detail here.

Inclusive Housing Coalition Infographic

The following are aspects of community development that data showed must be addressed to ensure a future full of opportunity for residents with I/DD:

  1. An increase in affordable, neuro-inclusive housing stock is desperately needed; barriers to development must be removed and incentives created to meet demand.
  2. Individuals with I/DD and their families want to be able to invest in a home for their future stability; support should be put in place to help make this happen.
  3. Barriers of service provider ability to offer individualized long-term services and supports must be removed and diverse service delivery models fully funded; a person-centered plan is useless if the system cannot deliver flexible reimbursement for person-centered supports.
  4. Many are still “unsure” as to what they may or may not prefer in a long-term support system, thus continued education and storytelling are needed.
  5. Intentional spaces and opportunities are needed to foster neurodiverse friendships and community connections beyond family members for increasing access to meaningful community inclusion and develop circles of natural support.

May this report prompt community awareness into action to ensure valuable residents with I/DD in Colorado can continue to find their place and be part of their community.

Community Partners & Housing Projects

The Housing Taskforce developed a Logic Model for Neurodiverse Community Development to describe a vision for change and the steps needed to make our community more neuro-inclusive. Not just one organization will be able to help solve the housing crisis for people with I/DD. It will take collaboration and working together on different projects highlighted in the Logic Model.

To continue the collaborative work of the Housing Taskforce, participants have started the Inclusive Housing Coalition (IHC). The IHC was formed by the Housing Taskforce in order for individuals and organizations to work together to increase housing options for adults with I/DD.

Designated Task Forces for Inclusive Housing Coalition


Get Involved

  • Start to plan for the future. It is never too early!
  • Join the coalition and a taskforce. Email any taskforce leader for more information. 
  • Read and explore the resources above. 
  • Choose which housing option works for you and take action