Staff Story: Veronica

Our mission here at Developmental Pathways is to enrich lives and strengthen communities and we could not make this happen without our amazing staff. We’ll be dedicating some space on our blog to highlight staff members who play a huge role in the success of the families they support and our organization.

Meet Veronica

Veronica works in the Early Intervention Department as a Bilingual Program Manager. She was introduced to DP after selling her childcare and preschool center.

“After I sold my center and I was ready to retire, I spent a couple of months at home and felt so lonely without the kids,” said Veronica, “I decided to go back to work and was the luckiest person in the world to find a job with DP.”

Our employees have a passion for what they do – helping others who need it. They succeed at doing this because of how well they work together, learning and collaborating with each other and the families they work with.

“I love my job and I truly enjoy working with my team every day, I have the best team,” Veronica said, “I’m very grateful for the people I work with. It’s an amazing group of people and I get to learn from them every day.”

Our teams work hard to reach out and assist families who need it most. Our Early Intervention department has the special opportunity to see growth within the families, starting early on in a child’s life.

“I feel so fulfilled personally and professionally when I get to see the little ones graduate from services or moving on to start Preschool, it gives me so much joy,” Veronica said.

DP has a diverse catchment area, encompassing all of Douglas and Arapahoe counties, and the entire City of Aurora. Because of this, our bilingual program plays an integral role in helping individuals and their families who are trying to navigate a complex system of care in another language.

“I had a family from El Salvador, mom was undocumented and was pregnant with twins. One of the twins unfortunately passed and the other was born at 26 weeks. They joined EI right after he was dismissed from the hospital,” Veronica said.

After a year in our program, the family needed further assistance beyond what EI normally provides. Between the DP team and our connection in the community, this family received the help they needed and are now thriving.

“It [has been] a very humble learning experience,” Veronica said, “DP’s mission, helping families, my coworkers, and the kids smiles are what makes me get up every morning and enjoy every day.”

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