2021 Holiday Programs

Thank you for donating to Pathways Holiday Outreach (PHO)!

Below are a few of the many thank yous and pictures shared by individuals and families who received support this year. 


“The boys enjoyed their comfy tops and Orion loves his fast car. Thank you so much for the Christmas gifts. It was a great help to our family, and we deeply appreciate them.”

“Hello, we’d like to thank everyone who donated to us this festive season and hope you have a wonderful festive season as you made ours. From our home to yours here’s wishing you the best for the new year and thank you.”

“We have had a crazy year between the birth of our son with a rare genetic condition that wasn’t known until after birth, juggling appointments, multiple therapies, along with a very active 2 year old. We were very thankful when we were asked if we’d be interested in being a candidate for the Holiday Outreach program. We have had many struggles financially, emotionally, physically so this was nice to have a little extra love and support for our little ones. We are forever grateful for ALL of those involved in touching our family this holiday season. We want to thank the donors, the mass of people that help organize it, as well as our service coordinator. Thank you for each and every minute you put into this lovely program!”

“Muchas gracias a todos los que hicieron posible que mis hijos tuvieran una gran sonrisa y felicidad esta navidad y gracias por tan bonitos regalos! Gracias por su generosidad y les deseo lo mejor hoy y siempre!” English Translation: “Thank you very much to all who made it possible for my children to have a big smile and happiness this Christmas and thank you for such beautiful gifts! Thank you for your generosity and I wish you the best today and always!”

“The kindness shown to us renewed our faith in humanity as with COVID it seems like darker times, the joy on Patrick’s face was priceless! Such kindness and beauty showed by our donor. We want to thank them and hope all are blessed for them, to remind them that people like them make a difference! Like Mother Theresa said, ‘You cannot do great things but small things with great love’. Thanks again for paying it forward.” – Love, Patrick

“I would like to thank all the people that brought my kids a big smile with all the gifts for Christmas. Thank you for all the gifts. My best wishes for all of you and have a wonderful Christmas with your family.”

“Our family wants to thank all the donors that helped our family through Developmental Pathways! You made our Christmas extra special during a hard time.”

“We are so grateful for all the love this Christmas! My family really enjoyed taking a neighborhood ride in the wagon and making grocery orders at a play ‘Farmer’s Market’.  We appreciate you more than you know.”

“Hi! Sorry that it’s wrinkly but I’m getting ready to do laundry & I already wore it but this is what I bought with the Walmart gift cards I got for Christmas! Thanks so much for the gift! I really appreciate it! Thanks for making my holiday special!”

“We’re really thankful to our angels who gave us gifts this past Christmas. My kids were really in love with everything, thank you so much and may god bless you.”

“Totalmente agradecida por tantos regalos hermosos para mis hijos! Las gemelas estaban tan emocionadas con sus libros, sus tenis de lives y toda la ropa! Y los pequeños felices con su trampolín. Mil gracias por todo su apoyo y por hacer de ese día tan especial! Y gracias por acordarse de nosotras! También recibí un regalito 🥰 parece que me porte bien este año. 😁” English Translation: “Totally grateful for so many beautiful gifts for my children! The twins were so excited about their books, they love their tennis shoes and all the clothes! And the little ones happy with their trampoline. Thank you so much for all your support and for making this day so special! And thanks for remembering us! I also received a gift I seem to behave well this year.”

“My kids were so grateful to receive gifts that they needed! It was a stress to try to provide a good Christmas this year and you guys helped so much. My daughter, Adalynn and son, Ayden are super thankful!”

“Thank you so much. We were so worried our kiddos wouldn’t have a Christmas this year but our donor made it happen and gave our kids an amazing Christmas thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much for making my kids Christmas Day. They all enjoyed every gift deeply.”

“Gracias por los regalos tuvieron una navidad excelente mis hijos por todos los regalos gracias” English Translation:  “Thank you for the gifts my children had an excellent Christmas for all the gifts thank you.”

“Thank you so much for the generous gifts for River and his sister, Arianthe! I cannot express my gratitude enough and I wish I could share the excitement of my kids when they saw the gifts they received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“Thank you so much for helping bring some holiday cheer to our children this year.”

Pathway Holiday Outreach 2022:

51+ donors supported 500+ individuals and 200+ families this year.

Thank you for your gracious generosity!