Legislative Session 2022

On January 12, 2022, the legislative session begins. The legislative session is when our state legislature meets to discuss and debate new ideas or bills and determine and pass the state budget.

Each state legislature looks different. The Colorado Legislature is a part-time body comprised of the House and the Senate that meets between January and May. Per the Colorado Constitution, the legislative session lasts approximately 120 days.

A great way to learn more and participate in state government is to identify your elected official, follow them on social media, and sign up for any e-newsletters or mailings offered. Elected officials always value input from people in their districts (aka constituents).

Additionally, Developmental Pathways will be sharing session updates to keep the community informed. Please follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, as well as #SessionWednesday to learn more and get the latest updates on this year’s legislative session.

Remember, your voice matters!