What Excites Us About Voting

What Excites Us About Voting?

Voting season is here! To kick us off, we want to share what gets us excited about voting!

What excites you about voting? What questions do you have? 

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Here are some important upcoming dates:

September: Register to vote to get your ballot in the mail!

Now is a great time to register to vote, so you can exercise your right to vote this voting season! [Is there a link we could include where people can register to vote online?]

Watch for our virtual event and DP’s voter guide coming out in October!

October 1: Blue Books should arrive in the mail.

October 8: The first-day counties can mail ballots (for in-state voters).

October 18: Counting of mail ballots may begin.

October 25: Recommendation! Mail your ballot eight days before an election to guarantee its timely arrival.

November 2: Election Day! All ballots must be received by 7 p.m. via a dropbox or at an in-person polling location.

For all the dates, check out the 2021 Election Calendar: https://www.coloradosos.gov/pubs/elections/calendars/2021ElectionCalendar.pdf