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Five Helpful Tips for Casting Your Vote in Colorado

By Ayinde Summey, 2023 DP Voter Engagement Intern

Voting is one of the basic rights in our country. Every American should have the right to vote; however, people with disabilities are often met with unfair voting laws and practices that lead to low voter turnout in our community.

In Colorado, ALL registered voters automatically receive a ballot and can vote regardless of their ability, which is a distinct aspect of our state. We want our community to know that their vote matters. Everyone has a right to make decisions, and it is important we all have the opportunity to exercise that right. Voting is not only important to the well-being of the community but also ensures that members of the community have a voice in decisions that affect us all.

You can visit  to register to vote or make sure your registration is up to date!

Below, we have compiled some helpful tips you should know when casting a ballot in Colorado:
  1. You must have a way to deliver your ballot so it can be counted. This can mean voting in person, dropping your ballot off at a ballot box, or mailing your ballot. If you have a disability, you may be eligible to vote with an electronic ballot. If you mail your ballot, ensure there is enough time for it to be sent and received. Click here to find a ballot box or polling location near you.
  2. To help you make a decision on how you will vote, you can use voter guides that include information and opinions on the issues on your ballot. Check out DP’s 2023 Voter Guide, where we break down each topic to vote on and then explain what a yes or no vote would mean. 
  3. Any complaints and/or problems related to the voting process in Colorado can be addressed to election workers. This helps make the voting process more accommodating and accessible for people of all abilities. Colorado’s Secretary of State’s office provides Accessibility Resources, including an Election Complaint form.
  4. You can sign up to track your ballot using BallotTrax, so you can know when it is counted.
  5. Above all, it is most important to know that there are resources to help you at any stage of the voting process. Never hesitate to reach out for help. Check out the resources below to get started!

County Resources:

Advocacy Resources: