Getting to Know Pathways: Meet Jourdan

At our core, Developmental Pathways is a community of people working for a cause we believe in. While our staff may number in the 200s, we consider approachability among our greatest assets. That said, we thought we’d introduce you to just a few of our incredible staff members in our “Getting to Know Pathways” video series. You’ll meet folks from all of our departments and hear about why they come to work each day.

Starting off our series is Jourdan Dorsey. She is in the middle here between Tracey and Heidi from our Early Intervention Department, busy volunteering for the SUN Foundation Shining Stars Celebration.

Jourdan is the Senior Coordinator of Projects & Events in the Community Outreach Department. You may have heard about Community Outreach on the blog or social media before. They partner with organizations throughout the community to offer free or reduced activities for individuals with I/DD and their families. From running a food pantry to putting on monthly Parents Night Out events, this team is constantly finding innovative ways to meet the needs of families. If you want to keep up with their happenings, subscribe to the Community Outreach weekly newsletter.

Without further ado, please meet Jourdan.

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