2022 voter engagement intern flyer and headshot

Meet our 2022 Voter Engagement Intern!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our team, our 2022 Voter Engagement Intern, John-Tyler!

He is originally from New Jersey and currently lives in Castle Rock, CO. He is in graduate school for his Master of Social Work, and in his free time, he enjoys hiking, going to the movies with his brother, and playing video games.

As an intern, he will be working with DP from September-November to support our goal of creating a nonpartisan campaign that encourages people of all abilities to get registered, educated, and vote.

John-Tyler has experience with advocacy efforts. He is interested in identifying barriers to voting and advocating for the voting rights of people with disabilities.

He stated, \”Voting is a fundamental right as an American. The institutions that impact people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are generated through laws and policies created by governing bodies. People with disabilities have the right to have their voices heard especially regarding policies that directly impact them.\”


The DP Voter Engagement team will develop and distribute non-partisan informational resources via blog posts, social media, and videos from now through the fall. Please follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to stay updated on new materials and upcoming activities and events. We look forward to connecting with you!

If you have any questions about voter engagement, please email Kim Tenure at k.tenure@dpcolo.org.