Staff Story: Todd

Meet Todd

Todd was first introduced to Developmental Pathways when his son began receiving Early Intervention services. It was not his plan to work for the program or company at the time, but as he dug deeper into what DP was about, he decided to be part of the work.

Throughout his family’s journey in services, Todd learned more about the ins and outs of Developmental Pathways, especially the people-focused culture. Coordinators and case managers were dedicated to finding the right services and programs for the child and family to thrive.

“As I learned how [DP] positively affects all the families associated with their programs, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it,” said Todd.

Todd is now an Early Intervention Service Coordinator and is motivated to make an impact on families. With his past experience receiving services, Todd understands the position families are in and strives to provide families with the assistance they need.

“I am even more pleased with the work that DP does,” said Todd, “I love being able to assist families as they come through with questions and looking for supports for their children.”

Developmental Pathways understands that families need support and answers, so Coordinators and case managers work hard always to address them. It can be stressful not knowing where to go or even whom to ask, but at DP, the fantastic staff can guide individuals and their families to what they need.

“The wealth of knowledge and resources available to families through us is amazing, and while it is impossible to know everything that we can do for families, through the teamwork at DP, we are able to get all concerns addressed and do everything in our power to help family’s navigate interventions and supports,” said Todd.