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What is Legislative Session?

What is Legislative Session Graphic

Legislative session, commonly known as “session,” is the time period during which the Legislative Branch discusses proposed changes to the law, called “bills.” Every state’s legislature looks different. In Colorado, we have a part-time legislature that meets between January and May. 

This year, session will begin on January 13th. However, due to the pandemic, it will look a bit different. The legislature is expected to begin, “gavel in,” on the 13th and meet for three days to introduce a few bills related to COVID-19 and conduct required business. The legislature will then adjourn until mid-February.

If you want to follow along with us this session, follow #SessionWednesday. We will be posting updates and blogs written by our Associate Director of I/DD Policy, Kim Tenure, to keep you and your families informed.

Remember your voice matters! #SessionWednesday