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Legislative Session 2022

On January 12, 2022, the legislative session begins. The legislative session is when our state legislature meets to discuss and debate new ideas or bills and determine and pass the…

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2021 Session Recap

On Tuesday, June 8th, the Colorado State Legislature adjourned. Though session has ended there is still much work to do. In this recap we’ll talk about some of the bills…

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Colorado Budget Process

Each year the Colorado Legislature creates a state budget for state services like education, roads, and programs supporting people with disabilities. Colorado must maintain a balanced budget meaning the state…

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From Bill to Law

From Bill To Law

All laws begin as bills. And all bills are born from ideas. Ideas for bills often come from citizens like you, which is another reason it is important to know…

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What is Legislative Session?

What is Legislative Session Graphic

Legislative session, commonly known as “session,” is the time period during which the Legislative Branch discusses proposed changes to the law, called “bills.” Every state’s legislature looks different. In Colorado,…

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