DP Teams Adapt to COVID: Case Management / Program Quality

One truth that’s come of working in COVID times: we all get a little more creative. From professional sports to human services, ways of doing business have changed to accommodate the new reality we find ourselves in. Here at Developmental Pathways, each team has adapted a bit differently to continue serving people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting different team’s responses to the new normal of COVID working conditions.

This week, we’re kicking things off with the Case Management/Program Quality (CM/PQ) departments! This team of 160 had a lot of people and processes to modify to make sure folks on waiver services continue receiving the support they need. A few adjustments this team made include remote work, additional support channels, and intentionally creating opportunities to connect with teammates. Sometimes connection looked like virtual lunches and happy hours, other times, it was playing trivia over Zoom, and other moments were spent sharing gratitude and self-care strategies.

One event that required more creativity in the wake of COVID was the annual CM/PQ Spirit Week organized by the Care and Morale workgroup (CaMo). To ensure everyone’s health and safety, CaMo created a Virtual Spirit Week consisting of care package deliveries, team trivia, photo challenges, team scavenger hunts, and superlatives awards. The week concluded with an online DP Blue Out Day for Field Day. Field Day happens annually and typically allows staff and leadership a few hours to gather at a local park to play games and connect. Although this year’s event happened over the internet, it was no less enjoyed as a time to engage in team-building activities and do some self/team care to keep themselves going during such uncertain times in the world as they provide amazing support to our individuals in services.