DP Teams Adapt to COVID: Early Intervention

Here at Developmental Pathways, each team has adapted a bit differently to continue serving people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities during the global COVID-19 pandemic. This week, we’re spotlighting our Early Intervention department’s response to the new COVID working conditions.

Before remote working, connecting through online video conferencing was sometimes scary and a little intimidating. However, in the wake of COVID, EI teams have come together to embrace video calls. They set up channels to share resources, host provider meetings, send funny memes to keep spirits up, and organize happy hours and birthday lunches. 

The teams continue to step up to help and support each other. Recently, a Service Coordinator shared her experience over the last few months with her Manager:

“I basically just wanted to say how much I have liked working remotely and I feel I have connected with families even more because I am talking to them 2-3 times before each meeting to prep. I love how responsive my families have been and I have only had 2 no shows in nearly 4 months.”

Additionally, teams have developed creative solutions to continue to support families and connect with service providers. 

  • Created “Electronic EI Alley,” a tool that allows sending more communications digitally to families during remote work conditions.
  • Pivoted to virtual training solutions to continue collaborating with the Mental Health Center of Denver to conclude the Infant Mental Health Training series for over 85 people.
  • Ramped up DocuSign training.
  • Developed a COVID-19 online bulletin board to track communication, guidance, resources, and a daily Q&A to stay current with fast-moving changes to operations.

Probably this group’s most significant achievement in innovation and resilience is the development of virtual evaluations with Child Find partners. Starting mid-March, the EI department began developing a plan for virtual evaluations. The team rallied, partnered, problem-solved, conducted a trial, and, most importantly, communicated every step of the way. As a result, the relationship with Child Find flourished, and coordinators completed the first set of virtual evaluations in early April. 

Throughout COVID-19, DP’s coordinators and evaluators embraced new processes, new technology, remote working, increased communication, and have continued to be patient and give each other grace through all the changes. They are the true heroes of making this new normal a success!

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