State Funded Programs

State-funded programs use state-only funds to support individuals and/or their families with I/DD and delays that may not otherwise qualify for supports or need interim support while enrolling into a Medicaid waiver program.

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Family Support Services Program

All Ages
A state-funded program that provides individualized support to families who are caring for a family member living in the home with developmental disabilities or delays with costs that are beyond those typically experienced by other families.

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Ages 18+
Support for individuals with I/DD to remain in their community. This program often supports those who can live independently with limited supports and are not eligible for HCBS Medicaid Waiver programs.

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Ages 18+
Provides integrated community-based supports while the individual is residing in a nursing facility as required by the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA). Supports and services are similar to State SLS.

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